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High off their success in bringing SOPA to its knees, assorted superficial social extremists–ASSEs for short–have decided their next target should be Google. Not because of privacy issues, click fraud, or something that actually matters. No, the focus is on how Google+ is being intricately tied to search results.

Did you know that Google is…gasp…manipulating its search results for its own benefit? No, really. Apparently, Google+ is being forced down our throats and poor, helpless companies such as Facebook and Twitter are worried YOU are not getting the best results. They’re rallying a movement not seen since Google started adding paid ads to its search results!

I’m telling you! Facebook avatars and Twitter profiles are going to be changed over this! This is an outrage, one that even Hitler’s coming out of retirement to comment on (NSFW, btw).

But, here’s the thing. This is just the same ol’, same ol’ for Google. It changes its algorithm ALL THE FREAKING TIME! It’s what search engines do. Despite what you may think, Google is not in the business to make you happy. It’s in the business to make money. Period. Oh sure, there was once a mission statement drawn up that suggested “evil” should be abolished from the web, but that was before private jets, stock options, and Wall Street.

Unlike SOPA, which arguably would have affected just about every business on the web, Google’s “Search Plus Your World” is not some piece of legislation that impacts the future of the web. No, it’s the policy of one search engine–hell bent on ramming its craptastic social network down our throats.

If you don’t like it, do something about it. Your blog post, tweet, or Facebook rant don’t count, because, quite frankly, you don’t count. At least, not on your own. Changing your Twitter picture to include “Boycott Google+” not only doesn’t count, but should result in you requiring an IQ test.

If you want Google+ out of your search engine results. CHANGE YOUR SEARCH ENGINE!

That will get Google’s attention. Nothing else. Less users, equals less searches, equals less Adwords clicks, equals less revenue. If you want to change Google, get its attention where it matters—its pocket book.

So please, the next time you complain about how bad Google’s search results have become, don’t just whine, do something. I hear Bing would be delighted to have you.

I’m open to counter-points in the comments, but play nice! 😉

  • Use Bing or toggle to traditional Google search? I think I’ll toggle.

  • Search Plus Your World can be turned off so if people were to put 30 seconds into tweaking their settings, they wouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to boycott it.

    I personally like this feature, and like the option to switch back and forth.
    +1 on your blog post 🙂

    • Thanks Julien.

    • But how easy is it for the average user to figure that out? If they were truly user focused they’d make it easy to do, rather than pulling out all the stops to try to promote a social network which is essentially the bastard child of facebook and twitter with a dash of skype thrown in.

  • I am part of the 99%!!!! Oh wait, wrong gripe fest! 😉

  • Hawthorne Wingo

    My favorite part is where you call people who disagree with you asses, then ask responders to “play nice” in the comments.

    • On the interwebz, being called and ass is actually somewhat tame. You should see the comments we get if we don’t ask people to tone it down. 😉

      Besides, it’s just an acronym. 😛

  • Cynthia Boris

    You mean the internet still runs when I’m not on it? That’s just wrong.

  • The only time I believe fair has any place in the language of the free market is in terms of “Fair market value”. As for this notion that Google needs to be fair, it’s ridiculous. Until Facebook and Bing include Google social signals no one has much to say about each other, although they will ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

  • I’m not sure I can believe that Google wants to make money, isn’t their slogan ‘Don’t be evil’? That means they can’t be interested in making money, that’s what evil companies do.

    • You’re right. The slogan must be right! 😉

  • Hear hear on calling out what should be obvious. Google doesn’t care about SEOs and marketers. Unless average users hate the new results so much that they overcome their inertia and stop using Google as a search engine, Google will continue to do whatever it thinks is in the best interest of it as a business. Sophisticated users and online marketing experts are not Google’s core customer base and they could care less what we think or even what engine we use. If Search + gets the kind of public feedback that say… New Coke did, then they might change. If the negative feedback isn’t widespread, get used to Search+ and start figuring out how to use it effectively as a marketing tool.

  • Jonny Ross

    Hi Andy,

    Well said!! I personally like it, I love the idea I can go on holiday, search for a restaurant and find one of my friends recommendations. Or better still find a local plumber based on my circles recommendations.

    Of course I will be toggling, but think there are times its great. And for the typical user we can manipulate the search results and get better ROI on SEO!

    Win win!

  • Google is a business, why do people forget this!

  • People complain about change, it happens every time Facebook updates it design or privacy policy. People will get used to it soon enough and most will realise its of benefit.

    To think that Google would not take advantage of its search engine market share to boost its social network share is very naive. People should have seen it from a mile off. This type of marketing strategy is used by miliions of companies globally, its nothing new.