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If you can step back for enough time to see some of the other things that Google does you would maybe see less of the evil, greedy Google that seems to be the popular point of view these days and see places where they actually help people. They do this even without taking your data and “forcing” you to use their Google+ service which is simply their front for world domination.

Take the new Public Alerts feature in Google Maps. It’s pretty cool and it makes good sense. Whether you are traveling into an area where an alert might be in effect or you have concerns right near your home you can now check a map to get the information you want.

On the Google LatLong blog here is an example of what you would see on a map if there were public alerts set in motion.

If you click on an alert you will get the alert detail much like you would on the Weather Channel or from some other weather source.

There’s not much else to discuss about this other than the thought that while we like to get whipped into a SilVal frenzy about Google’s “evil intentions” we should pay some attention to the smaller things as well.

Maybe they should post a permanent alert over the Silicon Valley warning of heavy hot air gusts and limited visibility due to the fog of arrogance and self importance? I’m just wondering.