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Google+ is making its big push, there is no denying it. You see ads all over and Google is apparently even willing to toy with its own terms of service to get this service to where they want it to be. Experian Hitwise reports that traffic is up for sure as of December of 2011. Lots of new Android devices being given as gifts will likely help that traffic. The real question is, are the people visiting Google+ actually using Google+?

Traffic is great. We all desire it. The simple truth about any social network, however, is that engagement is the key metric and right now we have little insight in to that regarding Google+. Is that because there is none or is it because of something else? Your guess is as good as mine.

All one can say is though that no matter how Google is getting people to at least visit Google+, they are getting them to do it. Maybe that’s all they need?

What’s your thought?

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  • I am intrigued to know where people are finding the time to keep up with yet another social channel. Or are they migrating from Facebook to Google+, or are they just curiously kicking the tires of Google+. And of course I am fascinated that anyone thinks we “really” give a crap about pictures of their pets.

    • How dare you, Dean! Going after the puppy of the week crowd! Have you no shame?

  • Of the last 300 follows on G+, more than 200 were spammers or clear autobots. Makes me wonder if the mighty Google has an agency on board creating fake accounts to get the numbers up. Nah – they couldn’t be that dumb. Right..?

    • interesting…I don’t “think” they could be that dumb although despite the surge in adoption I wonder how many will remain active in the long haul. I do think there will be a lot of tire-kicking which is a whole lot different than full-blown adoption.

      • Yasser

        I was really interested in G+ but not for the Social Aspect, instead for, what i thought, was going to be the best place to use and share all of my Google “stuff”. for example, i was hoping to read Groups and share information from my iphone to groups a lot easier.

  • I am seeing less discussion on Google+ but since we just came out of the holidays I am waiting to see if it picks up.

  • I too have been using the “kicking the tires” phrase and personally I guess I have passed that point. I have actively been seeking others out,

    This time , though, it’ is business relations I am searching for., not friends. The advent of Google+ pages is what got this latest burst of activity started.

  • Matt Cutts

    We do not generally disclose the sign up in Google Plus but we are inching fast. Online marketing is about how to leverage different methods including crowdsourcing platforms like minifreelance.

  • It will be interesting to see what happens with Google+ in 2012. It’s obviously not a “Facebook killer” as it was once thought that it would be. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be successful in its own niche.

  • Ok I thought about it and decided that Google+ cannot succeed anywhere near the scale of Facebook. In addition to my “how many social networks does one person need?” philosophy, I coincidentally had a conversation with a HUGE pro Google+ / anti-Facebook person last night.

    He loves Google+ for many of the advantages that it touts including Circles, messaging and integration with other Google services. Here’s the rub though….it only really works if he can convince his “circles” to move from Facebook to Google+, something he has been unable to do with any success. He begrudgingly admitted that his use was dependent on his friends use and so far his friends ain’t budging.

    Ya see, for those using social media, the vast majority are using Facebook and are too heavily invested in it to pick up and start over on a new network – especially one as comparatively barren and inactive as Google+. There’s no time, or clear incentive to make that move unless it is done en masse, and unless that happens, Google+ can’t help but wallow and always exist in the enormous shadow of Facebook. So it’s not so much what Google can do to gain a following but more so what can Facebook do to lose theirs and stimulate that en masses movement (privacy issues anyone?). As far as businesses? Well, they will go where the people go.

    As far as the Google+ numbers….well….I’m gonna go back to my tire kicking theory. I don’t think its got any legs.

    In short, Google+ is 2 years too late to the party. It’s over.