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Late yesterday a post from Shana Gitnik of the Google+ Photos team revealed a new feature for Google+ users which is pretty cool. You can now quickly and informally, so to speak, post a status update through recording inside of Google+.This feature eliminates the need to create a video elsewhere and then import it. It’s so quick and easy even I was able to do it. While that may not seem like such a big deal to you, ask Andy Beal about what that says regarding ease of use of this “technology”.

Shana explains

Google+ has long been the place to share and interact with video — Whether it’s using Hangouts with your friends or watching YouTube videos. Today we’re making video a bit more fun by letting you record and share videos of yourself using your webcam. To get started, click the video icon in the share box and choose Record Video. Once you’ve authorized Flash to access your camera, you can start recording. And once you’re done, the video appears as an attachment to your post — ready to share with your circles.

MP’s own Cynthia Boris also relayed some updates regarding Google+ yesterday which included photo text capability and auto hashtags. All of this is to say that the Google+ team has been busy.

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To be completely honest, I have not used Google+ like I could and that has been a conscious decision by me. It’s not an indictment of the service. I simply have some routines and things I do that I have chosen not to change but seeing these changes in the Google+ offering and its further integration into the Google ecosystem (which is not monopolistic or antitrust worthy, no matter what your arguments are) I am becoming a believer.

From the tech side I may be late to the party but from the “commoner” side we are all very early even by just having an account. I am going to try to see if more than a few of my real friends who are Facebook only types will give Google+ a try. The more I see the more interested I become. I think they may be as well.

How about you? Are you using Google+? why or why not? What are the pros and cons?