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In the Internet and social media marketing space content is king but the data that is generated by that content in the next in line to the throne and many would contend is the “real” king. In fact, unless you can truly monitor the impact of all the great content your company has produced then you can only really say that you have produced great content. News flash: Great content doesn’t make the cut in C-level business discussions, revenue and profits do.

What is happening is that businesses have more data than ever at their disposal but it’s not manageable thus it can almost seem useless. It’s like having a huge uncut diamond but having no way to refine it to the point that it realizes its true market value. A recent study by Connotate as reported by eMarketer shows that companies are wrestling with this problem every day. Heck, 21% of the people polled couldn’t even define big data!

The following chart lists the challenges that companies are seeing with regard to the amount of data they have at their disposal yet can’t seem to wrestle to the mat. I think you could actually substitute the word “excuses’ for “challenges” but that’s just me.

It’s almost impossible not to chuckle when you read that data aggregation managers find social media to be a problem because of the variety of data sources etc while social media is the marketing darling of the foreseeable future that they are not going to be able to outrun.

So what’s the net result of this over abundance of data? It’s pretty funny actually if the next chart is to be believed. For all of the information collected about customers and their behaviors big data boils down to a way to keep an eye on the competition for most while the revenue generating side of it slides down the scale. Why? Because it is hard to measure while there are market ready tools that can listen to what the competition is doing (tools like Trackur 🙂 ).

So while marketers are busy outrunning themselves to play with the latest and greatest toys that simply generate more data, the infrastructure behind them is ill-prepared to handle that data thus, in many instances, rendering it useless. An Internet and social media marketing conundrum wouldn’t you say?

If you are looking to find the next “killer app” find a way to solve this issue. There is NO larger problem in the Internet space than not being able to utilize the massive amounts of data that is available to marketers and businesses in general.

What’s your take?

  • I don’t agree that there is no larger problem on the internet. I think the real problem is that most companies are just really behind and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information and tools that only solve specific pieces of the problem.

  • I think more than the problem of “Big Data”, the ever changing nature of the web poses an even bigger issue. With a new killer app, or website, or what-have-you appearing every year or so, the big companies who are not as nimble and up to date do not understand their significance, and as such, are at a loss as to what to do with the “Big Data” that they have.

    In other words, they have the data, and the ability to crunch it, but they just do not know what and where to look. 🙂

  • The amount of data is getting out of hand. Analytics, social, keyword rankings…keeping track of it all, let alone doing some analysis on it is a full-time job for businesses that are online.

    Raw data by itself is pretty much useless at this point. I got 100 visitors yesterday….OK, that’s great, but compared to what?

    I think the trend in 2012 will be toward more analysis on big data, and realizing that data by itself is pretty worthless without the analysis.

    • hey have you heard about the new social website coming out called wazzub.