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It’s very interesting just how things happen in the marketing world. Actually they are not much different than the world in general.

Here’s how things generally take place. A core or fundamental practice is neglected for a shiny object that is the next hot thing. After struggling with that hot thing the fundamental activity is returned to with a new enthusiasm because it is finally understood that the practice is actually an important part of everything. That’s why it’s fundamental. Duh.

Well if a steady done by Awareness and reported by eMarketer is accurate then marketers are set to return to something that is fundamental (and apparently under utilized) in any true online marketing effort: blogging.

While it’s great to go out and “engage” with customers and prospects through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, it can almost be pointless if you don’t have some form of content to point these to in these interactions. Being nice can only take you so far. For people to ultimately do business with you they are going to need to trust that you may have a real clue about what you are claiming you do. Blogs are one of the best, if not the best, way to exhibit that knowledge and understanding.

The world is moving fast. The business world moves just as fast. That doesn’t mean you hop in the fast lane without doing the basics.

How is your blogging as compared to your other social media efforts? Is it neglected or going strong? Can any social media effort be truly as strong as possible if there is not a well executed blogging component?

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  • The increased investment in blogs makes total sense and I expect this upward trend to continue as brands act more like media companies.

    After all, it’s branded content that’s catching the eye of the consumer these days and blogs are the perfect platform for hosting disparate content as well as fueling spread across each nuanced social network. I’m not surprised to see blog adoption is generally lower than social media adoption to date, but as brands figure out how to leverage conversations effectively I suspect they’ll all want a place where they can control the call-to-action on every pixel of the page.

    Really important stats here, thanks for sharing Frank.

  • Cynthia Boris

    For awhile there it seemed like blogs were down for the count, but more and more, I find that they’re useful for things you can’t do all that well on social media. Glad to see a resurgence in blogging.

  • Now days, the Business should be more focused on creative aspect based on development of
    Strategy for Unique Brand Communication trough Social Media platforms

  • Hey brands… welcome to the party. We have been waiting for you to wake-up and attend.

  • 12 Most Significant Reasons I Love Bloggers and You Should Too…

  • Concur. And ‘blogging’ can be driven by your company leadership, your brand advocates, and combined with a growing list of tools. Video (Vimeo, You Tube) images (Instragram, Pinterest) and more fun stuff every day. Just be sure it’s tied to business objectives and managed professionally.

  • The pool is warming up…come on in brands:)

  • Got to have Pinterest on this list.

  • Hi there Frank, blogging is definitely here to stay and with the explosion of social media, it can become more powerful and helpful to us. These two actually go hand in hand to make our business more rewarding. Thanks!