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The jobs report yesterday was pretty good according to the pundits. If you work in the Internet and social media marketing space (and you are worth your salt as opposed to a guru, maven or ninja 🙂 ) the jobs report is going to be bright for quite some time to come.

So if you are looking for a new job in the Internet and social media marketing industry the Marketing Pilgrim Internet marketing job board is a great place for you to look for that next great opportunity.

If you are looking to hire that next great employee for your Internet and social media marketing needs then what better place to find that person than from our incredibly talented readers! Oh and the fact that it is only $27 /month / per listing to find that person makes it all the better.

So here are some of the opportunities that are on our board right now!

Interactive Project Manager – Jobs2web – Minnetonka, MN

SEO and PPC Manager – Media Cooperative – Philadelphia, PA

Social Media Coordinator – PGA Tour – Ponte Verde, FL

So whether you are looking for a job or looking for the next great hire, the Marketing Pilgrim Internet and Social Media job boaard is the place for you.

Here’s to a great job in 2012!

  • Finding a new job this new year is quite fun but if you loved what you’re doing on the previous year/s, finding a new job is not that important. But if you’re someone who wants to open new opportunities, then this might be for you.

  • Just a word of advice for job seekers in the Internet marketing and advertising field. Do try to stand our from the crowd especially if you are pitching yourself as a creative type. When agencies start running through resumes it’s nice to see something ‘other’ than you really generic, un-interesting resume. My 2 cents.. 🙂

  • Internet Marketing jobs are the best! You can basically work at your lap top from anywhere that has an internet connection! What’s better than that?

    Some advice when writing a cover letter. Don’t be generic. Actually putting a little of your personality into your cover letter will go a long way. For example in my cover letter the first sentence read:

    “My mother and father met during the 70’s while working for Barnum and Bailey Circus”

    Now that will get someone’s attention and it’s true!

    Be creative guys!