Android Market Passes 400,000 Apps. Should We Care?

I am torn on passing along information like this. It seems to be important for a split second to me but the data is quickly followed by a “So what?” moment that is just as strong. Maybe hearing your comments on this kind of “news” would be helpful but let’s get back to the original intent.

According to Distimo, a Netherlands company who claims expertise in app stores (whatever that actually means you can figure out on your own), reports that the Android app market has reached a milestone of 400,000 apps. They made a picture to “prove” it.

Online Retail Clubs Push Quality Over Quantity

I spent my New Year’s weekend watching a Project Runway marathon. At least once per episode, I saw a commercial for a website called In it, a group of women are the office, they’re all looking at the same computer monitor as they “ooh” and “wow” and their eyes are dilating and they’re getting all excited. Obviously, you’re supposed to think they’re looking at content that isn’t work safe, but it turns out it’s all over shoes.

Personally, I believe shoes are like cars. As long as they get you where you’re going, that’s all I care about. But I hear tell, that shoe buying can be a karmic experience for some women and so you would think that the bigger the better, but not in this case.

iPad 2: How Low Will Apple Go?

There are lots of rumors flying this morning about a potential, hefty price drop in iPad 2 when the iPad 3 comes to market. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like news at all. It makes sense to discount older versions of technology in order to make way for the new, but how low will Apple go? That’s the big question.

It all stems from a report that claims Apple is going to release two versions of iPad 3, one with more bells and whistles than any human being could actually ever need, and a more basic upgrade. The idea is to give them a range of price points from $499 to $399 and then the assumed $299 for the old iPad 2.

Google+ Traffic Up According to Experian Hitwise

Google+ is making its big push, there is no denying it. You see ads all over and Google is apparently even willing to toy with its own terms of service to get this service to where they want it to be. Experian Hitwise reports that traffic is up for sure as of December of 2011. Lots of new Android devices being given as gifts will likely help that traffic. The real question is, are the people visiting Google+ actually using Google+?

Internet Marketing Creates Big Data and Big Headaches for Business

In the Internet and social media marketing space content is king but the data that is generated by that content in the next in line to the throne and many would contend is the “real” king. In fact, unless you can truly monitor the impact of all the great content your company has produced then you can only really say that you have produced great content. News flash: Great content doesn’t make the cut in C-level business discussions, revenue and profits do.

What is happening is that businesses have more data than ever at their disposal but it’s not manageable thus it can almost seem useless. It’s like having a huge uncut diamond but having no way to refine it to the point that it realizes its true market value. A recent study by Connotate as reported by eMarketer shows that companies are wrestling with this problem every day. Heck, 21% of the people polled couldn’t even define big data!

Internet Marketers: Meet the New Year, It’s the Same As the Old Year

I know it’s the in thing to put together a wish list of things to do and accomplish in the new year. We are all full of hope and ideas. That’s fine but it’s also a distraction. It’s a distraction that can make us sound full of something else as well.

Just because the calendar has changed the year has anything really changed for you as an Internet marketer? I sincerely doubt it. You may have the desire to try all kinds of new things in 2012 but that is a more of a distraction, especially in the Internet and social media marketing space that can be dangerous. We like to chase the newest shiny object but we leave our current practices (you know the ones that can actually produce results?) under attended and under performing. Then we wonder what happened. It’s the same story every year.


Looking forward to a real good 2012!