Google Privacy Policy- All For One, One For All!

Google must have had a meeting at the end of 2011 that possibly went something like this.

Larry Page: We are going to do so much stuff at the start of 2012 that it will get the Internet industry types’ knickers in such a twist that they won’t know what hit them.

Staff: Will our bonus be tied to it?

Page: Yes.

Staff: We’re all in.

The latest update is regarding Google’s privacy policies. In short, they are attempting to consolidate products and the privacy policies that each carry. Oh and according to the Washington Post there is no opt out. But first let’s have a video interlude courtesy of the Google blog.

Back to that little opt-out thingy from the Post.

Today’s Women Are Decisive, Ambitious and Stressed

I am woman and if you hear me roar, it’s probably because I’m at the overload point and there’s still grocery shopping to be done, dinner to be made and bills to be paid. Grrr.

In this, I am not alone. Look at this chart from a new survey by Hearst Magazines and Fleishman-Hillard International Communications.

The women surveyed. . .

Well, two out of three ain’t bad. The numbers come from part four of the Women, Power and Money series of reports. This one is called “Game-Changers: Women Defining the New American Marketplace.

What they found overall is that women feel responsible for the well-being of their families. That need to help often extends out to their co-workers and friends of both the physical and virtual kind.

Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubles Thanks to the Holidays

Looks like a lot of people found tablets and ebook readers under the tree this past December and that’s good news for marketers.

A new Pew Internet study shows that tablet ownership nearly doubled between the end of 2011 and the start of 2012. Take a look:

Okay, so 19% overall isn’t anything to write an article about, but look at the jump from just a year and a half ago. It’s pretty striking. What’s even more amazing is that ebook readers, which were expected to go on the decline thanks to tablets, popped up, too.

One of the biggest reasons for the jump has to be Amazon’s release of their inexpensive Kindle line. The iPad comes off as an expensive toy that only the wealthy can afford and the techy can understand. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is just the opposite. It’s not just lower in price, it feels like a product for the everyman.

Facebook Timeline For All Over Coming Weeks

If you have avoided creating a Timeline in Facebook or you simply didn’t know how to do it, over the few weeks or so it won’t matter anymore. Facebook is officially rolling the feature out to all Facebook accounts so get ready. Oh and don’t forget the 7 day “grace period” to clean up your online mess of life so others might be entertained.

By this point in time Facebook’s Timeline isn’t really news unless you are one of the millions upon millions of Facebook users who don’t pay attention to changes in the social media giant until they are forced upon them. All that means is that there will be the shrill cry of those mortally wounded (in a social media kinda way of course) by the grave injustice that Facebook will have perpetrated upon them by making a, gulp, change.

CMO’s Say Tech-Savviness Is Greatest Area of Opportunity

Have you ever wondered how you can get a bit closer to the CMO of your company? Are you looking for a way to network your way up the corporate marketing ladder? Well, according to a study released by Forrester Research and Heidrick & Struggles you may want to pass along some of your tech knowledge to gain their favor.

The study called “The Evolved CMO 2012″ shows that the highest levels of the marketing environment knows it could use a little help with technical knowledge.

This can’t be an easy thing for those at the top of the marketing ladder to admit. With marketing as a whole becoming more and more digitally focused there is the reality that those who have reached the top of the marketing profession have done so with much of their experience and success coming from the traditional marketing world.

What’s in a Nickname? Google+ Is Ready to Find Out

On Twitter, you can be anybody you want to be from @angrymime to @trumpshair but Facebook and Google+ only allow you to be who you really are. Where’s the fun in that?

Now, due to high demand, Google+ has decided to loosen the rules (they claim it was always part of the plan) and allow nicknames and pseudonyms — sort of.

The change will not allow you to remove your real name, but there will be an option to add an additional name. But don’t think Google will allow you to go hogwild and call yourself King of All You See without proving it.

The new rules say that Google has a right to demand proof of a legitimate claim on the alternate name or they’ll shut you down.

European Xtreme Shoppers Prefer Tech Over Deals

TLC has a TV show called “Extreme Couponing,” which demonstrates the lengths people will go to in order to save a buck. The saying “only in America” comes to mind and a new survey from GfK bears that out.

The study took a look at the behaviors of “Xtreme Shoppers” around the globe. They don’t offer a clear definition of which shoppers fall into this category, but they’re definitely people you want on your side.

Europe has a larger concentration of xtreme shoppers with Russia and the UK taking the lead, well over the US. What’s really fascinating is how folks on the two sides of the globe answered the following shopping questions.