YouTube Users Upload 60 Hours of Video Per Minute

Reuters is reporting that users now upload around 60 hours of video to YouTube per minute. Yes, minute. That’s both frightening and amazing.

This represents an increase of 25% in the past eight months and that’s quite an achievement. YouTube’s no newbie. We’re not talking about that initial surge of activity you get when a site first gets rolling. YouTube has been around since 2005 and it’s been a juggernaut ever since.

But has the quality of content improved over the years? I’d say yes. YouTube is now an excellent source for entertainment and educational short videos. It’s also become a wonderful archive for old TV shows, movies and commercials. (Copyright violations aside, it’s truly amazing what you can find.)

Marketers To Invest in Blogs in 2012

It’s very interesting just how things happen in the marketing world. Actually they are not much different than the world in general.

Here’s how things generally take place. A core or fundamental practice is neglected for a shiny object that is the next hot thing. After struggling with that hot thing the fundamental activity is returned to with a new enthusiasm because it is finally understood that the practice is actually an important part of everything. That’s why it’s fundamental. Duh.

Well if a steady done by Awareness and reported by eMarketer is accurate then marketers are set to return to something that is fundamental (and apparently under utilized) in any true online marketing effort: blogging.

Google’s Not Focusing On the User! Waah Waah Waah, Cry Me a River!

High off their success in bringing SOPA to its knees, assorted superficial social extremists–ASSEs for short–have decided their next target should be Google. Not because of privacy issues, click fraud, or something that actually matters. No, the focus is on how Google+ is being intricately tied to search results.

Did you know that Google is…gasp…manipulating its search results for its own benefit? No, really. Apparently, Google+ is being forced down our throats and poor, helpless companies such as Facebook and Twitter are worried YOU are not getting the best results. They’re rallying a movement not seen since Google started adding paid ads to its search results!

I’m telling you! Facebook avatars and Twitter profiles are going to be changed over this! This is an outrage, one that even Hitler’s coming out of retirement to comment on (NSFW, btw).

Can Reputation Load Faster Than SEO?

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The DAA Launches ‘Your AdChoices’ Campaign for Consumers

What do jackalopes, killer veggie burritos and taxidermy, have in common? They’re all featured in a new public service campaign from the Digital Advertising Alliance.

The “Your AdChoices” campaign is a new initiative from the DAA, designed to teach consumers about online ads and privacy. They created a website and three videos: “Meet the AdChoices Icon,” “What is Interest Based Advertising,” and “Your Ad Choices and You.”

Wisely, they decided to go with humor in order to make their point. Sadly, they went a little too far.

Each of the three videos is loaded with in-your-face graphics and text that literally screams at you. And then there’s the voiceover which sounds like a combination old-school TV pitchman and a drag-race announcer. (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday at the Atco Dragway!) The videos are funny, for the first 20 seconds, then they’re just annoying.

Will Facebook Shopping Become Common by 2015?

Facebook shopping makes sense. You’re on the site everyday anyway. You’re already tapped into the brands you like and they’re sending you coupons. So from there, it’s just a click away from actually making a purchase while still inside the walls.

It sounds reasonable, but when I visualize myself doing it, I can’t see it. I may be in the minority on that because¬†Booz & Company predicts social commerce in the US will rise to $14 million in 2015.

eMarketer has a chart to show the growth.

The numbers include all social media, not just Facebook, but since they’re currently the king of the category, we can infer that they’re responsible for a large chunk.