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So you think you know the connected consumer, do you? Well Zmags challenges your notions with this sweet infographic that puts it all in perspective.

If you imagine that connected shoppers are young people who can’t survive without their mobile phone, think again. Their survey showed that more than half of connected shoppers surveyed where women with a mean age of 40.

She owns multiple internet-connection devices and not surprisingly, she enjoys Facebook and shopping excites her. Can’t get a better customer than that.

When shopping digitally, 87% said they prefer to use a website even if they get there via a mobile device. Only 4% said they shop via a mobile app, but I think that’s less about the experience and more about the lack of availability. I did a large percentage of my holiday shopping online or using my iPhone or iPad and I don’t recall seeing many app options. I did use a catalog app on my iPad to find a gift, but when it came time to buy, the app sent me to the store website. So I’m not sure that counts. Same for Shopkick and Old Navy’s app which I used to see what was on sale.

As a tablet owner, I’m part of the 87% who used them to shop this past holiday season. The infographic shows that nearly half of owners expect to use their tablets to shop even more this coming year. One surprise, 34% of tablet owners say they’re shopping on Facebook and I find that extraordinarily high.

The bottom of the infographic breaks down shopping by device and category. As you can well imagine, the most used category for mobile phones is music with 42%. Books and electronics come in at 35%.

Desktops beat both mobile and tablets in all categories except music, and oddly, jewelry. Best category for tablets is electronics. This speaks to the early adopters who are always on the lookout for the next, great techy thing.

Here’s the full infographic from Zmags, click on it to enjoy it in all it’s colorful glory.


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