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It’s Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. report time again. In this round, we’re looking at mobile advertising reach and targeting in November 2011.

Let’s start with the Post-Click Campaign Action Mix. Here we find that Store Locator is up 47% month-over-month. Not surprising, given that November was the big push to get shoppers into stores for holiday sales. Going along with this was an 64% rise in m-commerce, still, m-commerce as the final action is on the low side.

Biggest click actions? Enroll/subscribe, application downloads and store locator shared the top three slots.

When it comes to advertiser goals, there was a shift toward lead generation, making it the second most mentioned campaign goal (25%, an increase of 63% month-over-month). Sustained in-market presence was still number one, but only with 28%. Millennial Media says the shift was due mostly to financial and educational verticals aggressively tracking down leads for their products.

Hitting the Target

The difference between targeting ads and broad reach is getting thinner with 42% choosing to target ads. The vast majority of targeted ads were based on location with only 31% responding to behavioral or demographic data.

MM’s “Did You Know” of the month: Kindle Fire impressions grew at an average daily rate of 19% since its launch in mid-November. I did not know that. Did you?

If you like numbers and nifty charts, you can see the full Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. report for nothing but the cost of your email address. Just follow this link.