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What do jackalopes, killer veggie burritos and taxidermy, have in common? They’re all featured in a new public service campaign from the Digital Advertising Alliance.

The “Your AdChoices” campaign is a new initiative from the DAA, designed to teach consumers about online ads and privacy. They created a website and three videos: “Meet the AdChoices Icon,” “What is Interest Based Advertising,” and “Your Ad Choices and You.”

Wisely, they decided to go with humor in order to make their point. Sadly, they went a little too far.

Each of the three videos is loaded with in-your-face graphics and text that literally screams at you. And then there’s the voiceover which sounds like a combination old-school TV pitchman and a drag-race announcer. (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday at the Atco Dragway!) The videos are funny, for the first 20 seconds, then they’re just annoying.

The Interest Based Advertising video explains that sidebar ads are often generated based on your browser history. The logic being, if you love taxidermy, then you probably visit taxidermy websites. If you don’t, then you won’t get offers for stuffed jackalopes and that would be a real shame.

No, I’m not making this up.

The three videos combined, do make a good case for tracking-based advertising. They make it clear that advertising is necessary if you want the internet to be free. They also go a step farther, explaining how interest-based ads make your browsing more relevant. However, if you don’t like being tracked, one video teaches you how to make it stop.

Overall, it’s a fun campaign that walks the line between consumer protection and doing business. I just wish they’d done it with a little less shouting.