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In what seems like a rare moment these days, analysts are saying that they actually underestimated something rather than hyping it beyond recognition. Maybe there is hope after all :-).

This time it is about mobile ad spending in the US. eMarketer writes

The US mobile advertising market is growing far faster than expected, driven by the rapid ascension of Google’s mobile search advertising business, advertisers’ growing attraction to display inventory on tablet and smartphone devices, and the growing roster of mobile ad networks such as Google’s AdMob, Apple’s iAd and Millennial Media.

The chart below offers the hope that this growth will be strong for quite some time.

So how does this spending break out? Where is this spending happening and where is it likely to continue happening? Looks like it’s search where Google holds an even more dominant position in market share (most put it at somewhere north of 90%) than they do in “traditional” search. All of the bellyaching about Google as of late may actually work to take people’s eye off of where Google’s dominance is most evident and “out of balance’: mobile search.

So what’s the takeaway here? Pay attention to mobile! It’s really that easy but at the same time it seems like the area that many marketers are least confident. Looks to me like it is WELL past the time to be talking about the year of mobile. We are now in the culture of mobile which is a much different angle to be assessing the market.

Are you hesitant to commit to mobile? Are there naysayers keeping you at bay when it comes to truly going mobile with your marketing efforts? It may be time to step up and take a stand. What do you think?