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There’s a new TV commercial with a mom and dad having a spell-talk discussion about whether it’s okay for their child to use their Pantech Element tablet. Dad’s concerned, but mom assures him that it’s okay, because it’s w-a-t-e-rproof.

Then there’s the new Kindle commercial with the sexy woman at the beach. She’s reading on a Kindle and she gets approached by a man who tries to prove his prowess by telling her about his expensive tablet. She instantly cuts him in half stating that her Kindle makes reading easier in the sunlight, and for less than he paid, she also bought a Kindle Fire so her KIDS can watch movies at the beach. Take that, fella.

As these commercials aptly illustrate, tablets aren’t just for grownups anymore.

Nielsen surveyed tablet owners with kids under 12 and found that 7 out of 10 kids were allowed to use the tablet. This was a 9% increase over the previous quarter.

The majority of the kids, 77%, used the tablet to play games. 57% said their kids were using it for educational purposes (and we believe them, don’t we?)

The tablet also makes an excellent babysitter, with 55% of parents saying they keep their kids entertained while traveling. 41% use them to quiet the toddlers in a restaurant.

Only 15% of kids use tablets for social media and there’s no word on how many six-year-olds use it to shop.

Don’t laugh. It’s coming soon. Imagine age appropriate catalog apps. Kids touch what they want and it goes on their holiday wish list. How about virtual dress-up dolls that wear the clothes from a specific store. Maybe a kid-themed grocery app where they select what they want for dinner. Sounds like a market that’s ripe with possibilities.

But, statistics aside, I want to make one thing perfectly clear —  in my household nobody touches mommy’s iPad but mommy.

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