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If you have a business page on Facebook you have been officially put on the clock to make sure it presents well in the new Timeline format that all personal pages now have. Facebook has set a March 30th deadline for all business pages going live in the Timeline format.

TechCrunch reports

Overall, Timeline should inspire users to spend more time browsing Pages and reading their feed stories. However, it removes the ability to set an app as a default landing page, which could reduce engagement with signup widgets and contests. All Pages can upgrade to Timeline today, and but also have an optional 30 day period to curate before Timeline is forcibly pushed to them on March 30th.

This is not news per se since most were aware of this happening. What is news is the March 30th date. here is what you are likely to see when you go to your page as an admin today.

With our own pending redesign on the Marketing Pilgrim blog we welcome the new look. Let’s just call it some early spring cleaning and touch up. So what do you think?

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  • Consider this a relic from what once was Facebook “profiles.”….

  • My first glance at the new Go Visit Hawaii facebook page in the timeline format…well, it looks very odd. I’m not ready to convert straightaway.

    • Aren’t you glad Sheila that from high atop Mt. Zuckerberg, the “Great Mark” has giving you a month’s grace period to get used to it before he pushes you into the pit? Ahh, he is so kind and all-knowing …….

  • nicole

    does this also mean ALL profiles will also get changed or just BUISNESS PAGES?

  • SID

    I think timeline version is good for individual users showing the chronologies to our friends. I’m not quite sure how good will it go with the business pages. But as its thrown on us by facebook, we have no option then to accept it.

  • It should be interesting to see how these changes affect businesses on facebook.

  • I don’t have a Facebook page for this news site I am taking over, so while I improve the site design and switch to wordpress, I will go ahead and create one planning on the timeline for a look and feel. It is nice that the great Zuckerberg gives 30 days, but I don’t get why they are switch. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • Timeline is very popular in Facebook now, many users are using it on Facebook, but making it compulsory for business page is difficult to digest, I can’t find any valid reason behind it.

    If timeline is helping better user experience then business owners will automatically shift their pages to timeline, but making it mandatory is not a good option I think.

  • I hate the change. Don’t get rid of my custom landing page! It is going to seriously affect Liking and opt-in form conversions.

  • Shouldn’t it be an option to change to the new Timeline? I’ve never liked the new Timeline set-up, I think the original way was much more effective and better looking.

    Can I just ask WHY they are forcing all pages to change?