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Facebook is in its IPO quiet period but I suspect they knew that it would not mean that people would stop talking about the service. Since many cannot apparently function on a daily basis without hitting the ‘book there will be no slowing the Facebook train of popularity. Of course, there is always something that could come along but we are not seeing it on the immediate horizon.

So as a result, Facebook faces a growing ad revenue picture that would be the envy of most. eMarketer has put together a report that shows their projections for ad revenue growth at the leading social media outlet. Take a look.

You know what will be the most fun piece of this growth? Is the handwringing and the “end of Facebook as we know it!” headlines that will accompany the inevitable slowing rate of growth that will occur. It was a popular pastime to complain that Google only increased its revenue by 40% during its biggest growth days so it stands to reason that the same lack of analysis will accompany anything relating to Facebook.

Facebook is certainly looking to put the products in place to ensure the increase in ad revenues. In the past few days we have done posts about Facebook mobile ads and Facebook Premium ads. Don’t think that will be the end of it either.

How is Facebook advertising working for you? Would you say that it is the go to option? Give us your insight.

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  • Mary

    New Facebook premium ads gets leaked, new strategies may be the explanation for the increase in ad revenue. The document was leaked by GigaMOM, details about these new premium ads can be found here:

  • With the IPO Facebook has pressure to increase ad revenues, which means that the site will become more ad heavy. What was attractive about Facebook initially was that it wasn’t cluttered with ads. As that changes it will be interesting to see what user response is.

  • Facebook have to increase revenues. It is very hard to compete with google adsense