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Quiet period, schmiet period. As Groupon haas proven there is no such thing in the new world of Internet marketing and communications. Facebook just happened to “leak” some documents regarding their new Premium Ads set to go live on Feb. 29 to the CEO of iStrategyLabs who just so happened to post them to GigaOm, well, you get the point.

Regardless of the circumstances, the following pictures tell the story of exactly what Facebook is claiming advertisers will experience with these new ads. Let’s just say they are haughty numbers indeed.

I love claims like these especially when they come with an asterisk! Take a look at the basis of the claims. I have blown it up for you so you can see it more easily despite the effective use of smaller font in a lighter color by Facebook. Are you feeling confident yet?

Ah yes. Internal tests from Facebook got these results. OK, well, enough said.

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  • Yeah it’s important to take that claim with a grain of salt. Since it’s a new platform only time will tell how successful it is. And that will also vary from brand to brand.

  • I’m sure these lofty claims come with a lofty pricetag. Premium Facebook Ads (usually containing videos and polls) are currently reserved for companies with a Facebook marketing budget or $10,000+ if I remember correctly.

  • Cynthia Boris

    I have this image of people at the Facebook office sitting around going, yep, that makes me more interested in buying and I am 40% more engaged for sure!

  • Ha, this looks ridiculous, can’t wait to see my dramatic increased results!