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Google Gives Health Searches Special Treatment

Did you know that Google is still a search engine? Despite what you might think from their advertisements and the coverage the press gives (guilty as charged) you might forget that Google is still more about search than it is about anything else.

An addition to how the search engine leader handles health related searches reminds us that search is still an important part of this whole online game. It is even more vital as it relates to health issues since people would like to have at least the perception of anonymity rather than blurting out on Facebook “I’ve got this terrible rash right there ….”

Here is a sample which was used at the Inside Search Blog

The post goes on to explain more (which is actually an attempt to indemnify itself as well) by saying

The list of health conditions you see is aggregated from what’s written on the web about the symptoms you searched. The list is not authored by doctors and of course is not advice from medical experts.

So if you learned nothing else today you were at least gently reminded that google is still a search engine. Isn’t that a plus? (Sorry but I just had to!).