Posted February 24, 2012 7:21 am by with 1 comment

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Sometimes it’s fun to just see Google make a search change like the good old days and just leave it at that.

Yesterday Google rolled out an improved feature in image search that pertains to related searches. Instead of getting a whole new screen you can simply preview another search term’s images by mousing over the term. Pretty cool.

Oh and by the way, I am using a Madison Square Garden image search as my example not because of “Lin-sanity” but because this is where I met my amazing wife quite some time ago and she is celebrating her birthday today. (Happy birthday, Hope! I love you!).

I like this feature a lot. Heck, anytime you don’t have to completely leave a page to get more data it’s a good thing.

The post on the Google blog tells some more of the story but it’s pretty self explanatory. Hopefully you get some value from it.

At least it gave me a chance to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful bride!

Have a great weekend!

  • Cynthia Boris

    Sounds like a nice change. I often find that a slight tweak in the terms gets me closer to what I want and this sounds like it will save me some guess work.

    Happy Birthday to the Mrs. My son’s birthday was yesterday but we’re celebrating today so I’m right there with you!