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The Google flap over privacy continues and the machine moves with fine efficiency. Take a look at these headlines.

Google Bypassing User Privacy Settings – MSDN

Microsoft: Google Bypasses Privacy Settings in Internet Explorer, Too – All Things D

Google Privacy Fiasco Lesson: There Is No Privacy – Computerworld

Not Just Google: Facebook Also Bypass Privacy Settings In IE – ZDNet’s Friending Facebook

More Sneaky Business About Google: It Bypasses Internet Explorer Privacy Settings Too – Business Insider

It seems that everyone wants to put Google on a skewer and roast them over an open fire. Makes for great headlines but let’s take a look at two quotes from two of the above articles. First, Friending Facebook

Google isn’t the only one bypassing Microsoft Internet Explorer’s privacy settings: Facebook does it too, as do tens of thousands of other companies. So, who is to blame?

Now from Business Insider which occurs toward the very end of after making a big deal about what Google is doing

Like the Safari snafu, this is pretty small time stuff as far as privacy goes. Tracking cookies have been around for years, their behavior is well known, they’re easy to block, and the information they deliver — your browsing history — usually doesn’t contain personally identifiable information.

Ok, everybody so what is it? If everyone does this why the Google witch hunt and if it’s no big deal then what are doing here? Oh yeah, that’s right. Traffic and pageviews. I forgot this all comes from an originl story from the Wall Street Journal who really wants to be relevant in the tech news space and it has been jumped on by the Internet industry news machine which has never seen a molehill it didn’t think should be turned into Mt. Everest.

You decide but if you just do headline gazing to get your news in this area you would think Google was on the wrong side of a new cold war. If you really take the time to look, however, you would realize that maybe we are just rubbernecking yet again and there really is nothing to see here.

Any thoughts?