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Google is getting ready to face the legal music for its latest dalliance with regard to privacy. That makes sense only in a world where lawyers run the show. I don’t understand the process of how these things work. I am not a lawyer and I did not spend the night in a Holiday Inn Express so I am SOL in understanding what is about to hapen.

Fortunately, Jeff Roberts of, IS a lawyer and wrote a post explaining what Google is about to get tangled with for the right to continue doing business like everyone else.

In a case filed on Friday, a Missouri man says Google violated the Wiretap Act and asked for damages on behalf of 62 million users. The case names only Google and not the handful of advertising agencies who allegedly performed similar actions. Meanwhile, Bloomberg News reports that a similar lawsuit has been filed against Google in Delaware.

The seriousness of the new lawsuits will be determined by which law firms step up to join the suit. In the world of class actions, lawyers have a list of plaintiffs at the ready and then race each other to the court house in the hopes of filing the first claim. The early-birds typically become “tag-alongs” eligible for a pay-out when bigger law firms join the fray.

Warms one’s heart, doesn’t it?

My question is the same one I raised yesterday to some degree. If EVERYONE is doing this same thing will we also see the rush to the courthouse to put Facebook and others in front of a judge as well?

This doesn’t need any more “analysis” because it is very early in this process. There is a lot that will happen between now and the decision as to whether this kind of case holds any water or it sinks. In the meantime, I think we all need to be asking every other site that is doing the exact same thing whether they feel they should be dragged into court as well. Fair is fair, right?