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Hailed as a Foursquare competitor, Google’s Latitude now is offering a checkin-in service with a leaderboard feature. Since Latitude is barely spoken of and is one of the few social options out there that makes Google+ look like a social media world beater you can see why this hasn’t been done with any fanfare.

Engadget reports

Google didn’t exactly offer much fanfare for this new feature — as far as we can tell, it still hasn’t been officially announced. With the latest update to the Maps app, Mountain View delivered an extra level of functionality to the all but forgotten Latitude. Now check check-ins earn you points which are tallied and used to rank Google+ users on a global leaderboard, just like on Foursquare. Not everyone is seeing the feature just yet, and it only appears to reveal itself after you check-in somewhere. In fact, we still haven’t found a way to pull up the leaderboard without first registering our location. You can see the rather sparse help page at the more coverage link and sound off in the comments if you’re seeing your name ranked alongside your favorite Engadget editors and Leo Laporte.

I tried it and it worked but since I have never been enamored with the check-in model it really doesn’t excite me. How it eventually leads you to a Google Place Page does, however. Once this is all integrated into Google+ in some way manner or form then there might be something to check into (pun completely intended).

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  • LOL @ pun.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Google Latitude – looks cool!