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A smartphone is not a small computer. A tablet is not flat laptop. And yet, many advertisers and content producers think in these terms when creating mobile materials. Many, but not all.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently invited developers and designers to submit new ideas for mobile ads and the winners have been selected. Here they are:

Two of these ads jump out at me, the Filmstrip and the Full Page.

The Filmstrip appeals to the movie lover in me, but that’s not the only reason I like it. It feels new and since it’s graphical, it’s eye-catching. It’s scrollable, so that means hands on (a good thing) and it doesn’t take up too much room even when activated.

I could see this being used to market shoes to go with a dress featured on the digital page of a fashion magazine. A list of DVDs that match up with a movie review. Or how about a set of scenic photos, like those old postcard folders, to promote a vacation spot?

My other favorite is the Full Page, which is the opposite of the Filmstrip. It’s big and it’s intrusive but if it’s interesting, I won’t mind. The fact that it can be portrait or landscape tells me it’s not just an overgrown web banner, it was made for a tablet. That makes me feel special. Like I’m seeing something, not a lot of other people are seeing.

The key to the Full Page is interactivity. This isn’t a magazine ad. This ad should talk and dance, entertain and inform. I see a Full Page movie ad with an embedded trailer, iPad wallpaper and an app that puts my picture in a scene from the movie.

Or how about a full page recipe with video instructions, links to purchase unusual ingredients and it can be customized on the fly for calorie count or flavor preferences. The only thing missing is the smell-o-vision.

It may sound crazy to say that I’m excited by new advertisements, but I am. I love it when advertising melds seamlessly with content and mobile is making that possible in ways we never imagined.

Kudos to all the IAB Rising Stars. I can’t wait to see these new ads in action.

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