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If you’re in the Business to Business business, then you need a new LinkedIn Follow Button on your company website.

The new button makes it simple for people to follow your company updates and news through their LinkedIn feed.

To add it to your website or blog, visit the LinkedIn developer page and get the code in two clicks. You can get an “In Follow” button with or without a follower count.

LinkedIn has also made the company follow button accessible throughout the social media site. You’ll find it on any company profile page, in a pop-up from any company employee, or straight from the search results page.

Remember, the follow button works both ways. Click it to stay in touch with companies you do business with (or would like to do business with) or use it to keep tabs on your competitors.

With company and people updates streaming on to your homepage and top news stories curated to match your interests, LinkedIn is working hard to become your first social media stop in the morning.

All I really need to become a big fan is a redesign of the profile homepage. Can’t say specifically what it needs, but its not working for me as is. Does it work for you?

  • Linkedin is a great tool to connect with other companies and a wider customer base

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  • This is a great thing to know about LinkedIn. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn as the key social media players today, it is important to keep up to date on improvements and changes to these social platforms in order to increase traffic and awareness to your sites.