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Google+ is not doing well if you listen to this report from the Wall Street Journal. Average time spent per month on Google+ is 3 minutes (not a typo) while on Facebook it is 6 to 7 hours. The one thing that is talked about, however, is how the Google+ play is as much a way to unify other Google services as much as it is a way to compete against Facebook. It is a layer on top of the rest of the Google world.

I still think that there is room for Google+ but it’s not as a direct competitor to Facebook. At least not yet. Take a look and give us your opinions.

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  • Lets be honest here, if the numbers were closer Google would be bigging it up in a major way. The reality is that G+ as a destination really isn’t working for most people right now.

  • facebook like is better than google +

  • I got frustrated with Facebook very early on because I couldn’t organize my contacts. If I sent a message, I had to send it to everyone. And there were some things I just didn’t want certain people to see. It was constraining. So when Google+ introduced Circles, that was a welcome relief to me. Then Facebook added Lists and by then it was too late.

    The average Facebook user doesn’t care about organization. They’re at a party, they’re drunk, they’re having fun, so who cares who sees them naked? If Google+ ever becomes like Facebook, I’ll likely be out of there.

  • In this day in age, you still have to embrace all social media outlets, especially for business. While it is rather shocking that the average time spent on G+ is so low, the fact is, G+ is still good for SEO. One just has to understand that G+ isn’t going to take Facebook’s place anytime soon.

  • I realize I’m different, but I prefer Google+ to Facebook. By a wide margin. Mainly because I was able to filter out a lot of the noise (HS/College acquaintances I never talk to) by adding circles. The Android app is better than the Facebook Android app. And, to be honest, smarter people seem to be on Google+. Conversations are a little more “upscale”, instead of “I ran 2 miles today. LOOK AT ME.”

    And it’s just so much cleaner. I can’t stand the Facebook interface. It’s messy.

    Again, in the minority, I know. But I spend way more time on G+ than on Facebook. I’m thinking about closing my Facebook account.