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My name is Cynthia and I’m a couponer. I began redeeming coupons found in the Sunday paper, but soon graduated to buying multiple papers in order to increase my savings. Then I discovered printables – online coupons that I could download right from my computer, and digital coupons that applied directly to my store card!

It’s a coupon lollapalooza out there and one person can’t keep up with all the deals. That’s why I depend on the kindness of strangers who are willing to share their finds and that’s why I love what Modiv is doing to make coupons more social.

Modiv works with the technology that allows people to scan their groceries as they shop, then check out with their mobile phone. Now, they’ve added a mobile coupon wallet that is designed to reward couponers for sharing their booty.

The graphic on the right is a screen shot of a sharable coupon found inside the app. The consumer can use the coupon themselves, then forward it via Facebook or Twitter. (Retailers can cap the number of times a coupon can be shared and redeemed.)

The couponer on the receiving end adds the coupon to their wallet via their phone number or customer loyalty card number.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. The program allows retailers and brands to reward customers for sharing coupons. For example, Bertolli might offer free salad to go along with that frozen meal if I share the coupon on Facebook. Or, instead of saving $2.00, maybe my coupon goes up to $3 off for me, if I share the original coupon by Twitter.

As Modiv notes, a Ping Mobile study showed, 72% of women would share a mobile coupon they deemed valuable, either by forwarding it or by posting it to a social network via their mobile device. That’s a lot of potential purchase power.

One button sharing, digital redemption and a reward program for top users? I may never have to cut out another coupon again.

  • celiaorvis

    Last year, 332 billion coupons were offered. Use of digital coupons taken from websites like coupons and Printapons is increasing but only 10% most of the coupons are surprisingly from sunday paper