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On Twitter, a ReTweet is like currency. Some people generously spread it around. Some are stingy with it and some use it as a bargaining chip for an alternate reward.

For marketers, ReTweets are particularly important because they’re the best way of growing your Twitter following, and in turn, your customer base.

Here’s part of an infographic from Infographic Labs (no confusion about what they do!).

The good news is that only a small portion of people care about celebrity status, or ReTweet rewards. Also, even though Twitter wisdom says you should always ask for the RT, only 26% of Twitter users will follow through on the suggestion.

The downside is the 84% of people who RT because of a personal connection. Though, I suppose a person could feel “personally connected” to a business they follow, more likely this means they prefer to RT Tweets from friends and relatives.

The good news / bad news is the whopping 92% of people who RT because the content is interesting. This is both good news and bad news because Tweeting “interesting” content isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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As I wrote this post, Andy RT’d my Tweet about an astronaut building a LEGO space station while up in space in a real space station. He apparently found that interesting (and he is personally connected to me so split the difference), but more importantly, it means I know my audience. A large portion of my followers are Geeks (said with great respect, Andy.) They love space, robots, pop culture and cool tech. If I post about growing petunias in my garden, RT’s are unlikely.

For businesses, the trick is finding that sweet spot between self-promotion and irrelevant. I’m not saying plumbers always have to post about plumbing, but a handy tip on unclogging a drain is likely to catch the interest of your audience. A plumber could also post a funny story about an alligator in the sewer system. That would be relevant and since 66% of people ReTweet humorous content, it could be a winner.

Blow In My Ear and I’ll Follow You Anywhere

When it comes to following, 69% of people said they follow based on the suggestions of friends. I believe that includes following someone based on the RT of someone already on your list. This is how I find most of my new Tweeters and this is why posting ReTweetable content is so vital.

Want more Twitter facts and figures all presented through an easy to read, colorful chart? Click here and you’ll see the full Twitter 2012 Infographic.

  • There’s nothing worse than looking at Buffer stats and seeing that a link got 500+ clicks and not a single retweet 🙁

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    Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome infographic on what people retweet. It makes a lot of sense. I’ve used Twitter since it began and I can tell you the main things I retweet are exactly that, I find it humorous or I relate to it personally. Every social media site has it’s quirks, this is Twitter’s.