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Women may be tops when it comes to communicating but online, they’re more careful about what they say and to whom.

A new study from UK company uSamp shows that overall, men were more apt to share personal information online, topping women in every area except one – brand’s liked.

78% of the UK women surveyed said they’d be happy to share information about what they buy and even 74% of men said they’d share that info, too.

One of the biggest gaps between “I’d share” and “I wouldn’t” was date of birth. 55% of men said they’d share their birth date but only 45% of women were willing to admit how old they were.

Men were also much more willing to share their phone number online, 12% vs only 4% of women.

The phone number, like the home address are security issues. But income was another taboo subject with men coming in the highest at only 10%.

The big surprise? 70% of women were happy to share their relationship status. Men actually topped that number with 73%. The survey didn’t say, but I wonder how many of those men were married.

Education and occupation were too other bits of info that scored high on the “happy to share” scale.

The survey doesn’t only relate to public, social sharing. It can be inferred that folks feel the same way about sharing this information with websites and retailers. Keep this in mind when you’re putting together your registration screen and profile pages. More and more sites are making a phone number a required box and that’s likely to drive away customers. Feel free to ask for the moon, but don’t require your potential customers to give out more info than you really need to service them properly.