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Online security and privacy will always be an issue. There is nothing that will put an end to the need for paying attention to the state of your personal or corporate online security. Nothing.

It’s a cat and mouse game that is simply between the good guys and the bad guys. There are bad guys online just like there are in every walk of life. I have seen anyone or any organization who has been able to eradicate bad guys anywhere so the expectation that it is “under control” in the Wild West world of the Internet is dangerous.

While we may roll our eyes at yet more tips regarding online privacy, it’s that very attitude that will ultimately ensure more victims. So if you don’t pay attention and you get hit don’t cry about it. You know better.

The infographic below from The Frugal Dad. Enjoy.

  • WOW, great infographic. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably embed it on my site in a post later on, if that’s OK.

    Privacy is such a touchy topic with anything on the internet. There’s this illusion of privacy, with circles and privacy policies, but much of it is easily circumvented. Even Mark Zuckerburg had his account hacked and a recent picture of him and Pres. Obama republished despite having been tagged as private. Here’s more about that topic from a recent post:

  • Make sure to use encryption, read privacy policies, and if you ever use a credit card on a website make sure its a secure connection – “https://”. If they are asking for your money and can’t offer you a secure connection – then they probably shouldn’t be asking for your credit card payment in the first place.