Mainstream Media’s Take on Google+ v. Facebook

Google+ is not doing well if you listen to this report from the Wall Street Journal. Average time spent per month on Google+ is 3 minutes (not a typo) while on Facebook it is 6 to 7 hours. The one thing that is talked about, however, is how the Google+ play is as much a way to unify other Google services as much as it is a way to compete against Facebook. It is a layer on top of the rest of the Google world.

I still think that there is room for Google+ but it’s not as a direct competitor to Facebook. At least not yet. Take a look and give us your opinions.

Social Media Pruning is on the Rise

Do you prune? Personally or professionally?

According to new numbers from Pew Research, social media pruning is on the rise and it’s no wonder. Look at how the typical, personal, social media profile grows. They start with friends, then there are the obligatory follows (relatives, co-workers. . . ), brands with deals and coupons and the games you play. Before you know it, your newsfeed is moving faster than a vaudevillian quick-change artist.

That’s when people start pruning.

63% of [the social media users Pew surveyed] said they have deleted people from their “friends” lists, up from 56% in 2009.

Understandable. But how about this?

44% have deleted comments made by others on their profile; and 37% have removed their names from photos that were tagged to identify them.

Android Chief Says His Tablets Will be ‘Winning’ in 2012

From high-end iPads that do everything but make you a cappuccino to the entertainment-based Kindle Fire, tablets are popping up in homes all over the US.

In the world of smartphones, the lower priced Androids take the lead, but when it comes to tablets, it’s still all about the “i.”

Android chief Andy Rubin, says that’s going to change in 2012. Here’s his latest post on Google +:

There are over 450,000 applications in Android Market. Some of the developers who built these apps are showing their latest and greatest in the Android stand. But the ecosystem doesn’t sleep. Our partners have activated a total of 300 million Android phones! Currently they are activating over 850,000 phones and tablets per day.

After reading that, I think of this:

Inbound Marketing Lead Sources More Important to Marketers

It is likely to come as little surprise that marketers are still finding inbound marketing lead sources increasingly important in their business. It certainly makes sense. SO much so that you don’t really think about it and the implications. That is until you read something like HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2012. You can download the full report here.

The report is literally chock full of data so I pulled just two pieces that show the real impact of inbound marketing on lead generation.

Of course when you see information like that you have to assume that the converse is valid as well and in this case it appears to be so as well.

Google Docs Mobile Experience Improves

Google Docs is one of those Google properties that makes a lot of people nervous. It makes some nervous about security but it makes others very nervous competitively. So much so that they make funny videos to make it look like they are not threatened. Nice try.

The latest improvement gives Android mobile users even greater interaction. Here is a video from the Google blog to explain further

I am getting more and more comfortable with Google Docs especially since I don’t have to dent my wallet to use it. Any shortcomings I can live with.


Cup of Joe: Let’s Get Dirty And Talk About Value

Here’s an amazing story of a guy that discovered how to basically make money out of thin air, or fresh soil that is. You see I used to know this guy. Lets call him Tom. Tom sold dirt. That’s right, he sold dirt fresh out of the ground. It all started when he began leasing a vacant lot not far from my house. While passing by I saw his beat up truck sitting there with Tom beside it, drawing lines in the ground. I couldn’t figure out what he was up to but he certainly had a plan. A few days later I couldn’t believe it when I saw a huge pile of dirt now sitting in the middle of the lot. Now, when I say huge, I am not talking about a few feet tall. No, this heap was at least the size of a small house, just sitting there.

Airlines Experiment with Social Seating

If you can use a social network to find a life partner, why not a flight partner?

A new article in the New York Times talks about how some airlines are using social media to help frequent fliers find more compatible seatmates.

KLM’s Meet and Seat program uses Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to help match up fliers on the same flights. The application allows you to choose which bits of information you want to share. It then displays the profiles of the other passengers and their seat assignments. Pick your preferred mate, then wait and see if he accepts you.

For some people, Meet and Seat is a way of finding new and exciting people to chat with during a long flight. For others, it’s more about assuring themselves that they won’t end up with an annoying seatmate who wants to pick your brain.