Would You Like to Pay by Cash, Credit Card or Twitter?

I received an email this week about a new ebook on the rise of the app. I was interested, so I visited the website and found something I’d never seen before, a “Pay with a Tweet” option.

Click the option, and you get a pre-filled Tweet (which can be altered somewhat) that mentions the product along with a link so others can get in on the deal.

I didn’t Tweet, but I was intrigued enough to look into the company behind the idea and found out that Pay with a Tweet has been around for awhile. “Innovative Thunder” came up with the idea to help promote their own ebook, and now they offer the service free to anyone who wants to use it.

Elections, The Olympics and the End of the World: What’s Next for Social Video

“In February 2011, Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’ ad stormed the Superbowl to become
the most shared ad of all time in just six days, jumping from 100,000 to 1,000,000
views in just a few hours.”

That’s the first line of Unruly’s “What’s Next for Social Video Insight Report” and it really explains it all, doesn’t it?

In the past, a clever TV ad might have sparked a round of water-cooler chatter, but now ads are shared, reviewed, parodied and copied within days of release. Ad pitchmen are becoming overnight stars. And heaven forbid you make a misstep (Walking in an”orgy” wonderland) everyone will know about before you can pull the commercial off the air.

TV commercials aren’t the only ones benefiting from the world’s love affair with shareable videos. Anyone can make a splash with a clever idea and a lot of luck.

Single Men and Britney Spears Rule on Google+ [Infographic]

If you’re on Google+, you probably don’t need an infographic to tell you that the site is populated mostly by men. You don’t need one, but I have one for you anyway because infographics rule, along with single men.

According to Website-Monitoring.com, men make up 61% of Google+, 32% are women and 1% are other. Other? Strange and wonderous things come to mind, but it’s probably brands or Muppets.

42% of Google+ users are single but I love the 3,3% who said their relationship status was complicated.

Not surprisingly, the US is home to the majority of users, but India beats the rest of the world by a mile. Or should that be kilometer?

When talking individual cities, Bangalore and New York are the sister cities both vying for the top spot with London coming up on them fast.

Twitter Goes Down Same Path Regarding Contact Data

If you have been able to stomach the recent back and forth between investors in Path (CrunchFunders Michael Arrington and MG Siegler) and the rest of the online space about CrunchFund investment Path’s use of contact data then you can say you have made it. Congrats. It has been painful to watch these cloistered Silicon Valley high priests act the fool but maybe it’s a necessary evil in today’s world. That’s one explanation at least.

To be fair, it is important to note that Path’s CEO Dave Morin, otherwise known as the “What NOT To Do With Your Users Data” poster child narced out the rest of the industry in his apology to the world. I say fair because it is Path’s mission to make sure they don’t bear the full brunt of this backlash.

Social Media Salary Guide [Infographic]

One of the most interesting exercises anyone can undertake is discovering their worth in the marketplace. It can be an exhilarating or frustrating experience depending on which end of the marketing you happen to find yourself.

Onward Search has put together a neat infographic using data from Indeed.com to show the salary range of social media types in top markets in the US. While we hope this experience is fun for you we also understand if you want to go have a sit-down with your boss after reading it.

Let us know if you think these figures are accurate or what you see in a market that is not listed. Click “Continue Reading” to see the full infographic.

The Gap Joins with Fashion Blogs for Truly Sharable Ads

The Gap knows that it’s not about the individual pieces in your wardrobe, it’s how you put them together that counts. Jeans and a t-shirt can be punk, preppy or Paris depending on how you mix and match the colors, prints and accessories.

This is the concept behind their new Styld.by campaign which takes the simple catalog shoot and turns it into a highly shareable experience.

The Gap collaborated with six fashion and lifestyle blogs including WhoWhatWear, FabSugar, and MOG. Each blog took key items from The Gap’s new “Be Bright” line, then styled the clothes in a way that suited their readers.

From Tomboy Glam at Rue to Rockin Leather on Mog, each photo has two important elements, links to The Gap catalog and an easy share box.

The Future of Location-Based Marketing is Cool. . . or Scary

Yesterday, I wrote about a stat that said more men than women remember and enjoy mobile ads. I stated that I never remember the ads I’ve seen and now I know why. The ads I’ve seen aren’t cool.

Westin Hotels and the Weather Channel had an ad campaign last year called “Wipe Away Your Weather.” You check the app for the current weather. If it’s snowing at your location, snow slowly fills your screen. You then wipe it away with your finger to reveal a sunny location courtesy of Westin Hotels. Relevant, location-based information served up with a relevant ad. Smart and cool.