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File this one under, I’m not sure what to make of it, but here goes.

eMarketer reports that 69% of men, aged 18-29, remember seeing an ad on their mobile phone. This is compared to only 42% of women.

Now, here’s where it gets really wacky. 40% of men said they actually enjoyed the ads. Women? Only 15%.

Here’s the proof:

How crazy is that? The whole male side of the pie is interesting. “Dislike Very Much” got the least votes, but otherwise, you’re in the 20% range for somewhat, like, dislike and couldn’t care one way or the other.

Women, landed firmly in the “dislike” and “Comme ci, comme ca” sections. Our combined “like” ratio is half that of men. Is it that women are harder to please? Could it be that women use their phones less for fun and more for productivity, so ads get in the way?

As much as I hate to be part of a statistic, I can’t remember the last mobile ad I saw. I think there was one at the bottom of a TV check-in app I use, but I’m not sure. Since I can’t remember it, I can’t say I liked it or disliked it.  So add me to the 38%.

Could it be that men’s advertising is much more interesting? Using TV as a gauge, I’d say beer commercials are across the board funnier than yogurt ads aimed at women. Men’s advertising often goes for a visual joke, where ads aimed at women often go for the heart. Perhaps heart doesn’t translate well in the small confines of a mobile ad?

Whatever the reason, mobile advertising is working for young men, so keep up the good work. And for those of you advertising to women — try harder, you’re not there yet.

  • Advertising really is everywhere. Some of us think that we don’t respond to it, but we all do, even if it doesn’t immediately occur to us.