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Search isn’t going anywhere. Social is great and it’s important and it is likely to continue to gain momentum. In fact, those in social should enjoy these early years because you can use growth numbers that tout high double digit jumps mainly because the industry is young and those numbers are possible.

Search used to see the same numbers but as shown by a report from eMarketer the days of the big, gaudy numbers are likely over and that’s fine for two reasons. First it is unrealistic to expect 30, 40, 50, 60 percent growth. It is unsustainable as more of the market gets on board. Less people not exposed means less growth. Second, there will still be growth predicted through 2016! How many industries can say that today?!

So if search spend remains strong who is likely to be happiest? Google of course. The likelihood that their dominance in the space is going to be dented is slim and, in fact, eMarketer predicts it will continue to rise.

One thing we haven’t even discussed in this is mobile. Mobile search is likely to be the ad spend and SEO game changer over the next five years. There will be plenty to do and keep track of for sure.