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If you’re on Google+, you probably don’t need an infographic to tell you that the site is populated mostly by men. You don’t need one, but I have one for you anyway because infographics rule, along with single men.

According to, men make up 61% of Google+, 32% are women and 1% are other. Other? Strange and wonderous things come to mind, but it’s probably brands or Muppets.

42% of Google+ users are single but I love the 3,3% who said their relationship status was complicated.

Not surprisingly, the US is home to the majority of users, but India beats the rest of the world by a mile. Or should that be kilometer?

When talking individual cities, Bangalore and New York are the sister cities both vying for the top spot with London coming up on them fast.

Other interesting facts from the full (and quite lengthy) infographic:

The Google+ 1 button is served up 5 billion times a day.

Britney Spears has the most followers with 1, 765,568 but Coldplay has the top page.

H&M is the top brand, ESPN the top media and the top service is Android.

Biggest surprise? That Ashely Tisdale from the High School Musical movies is sixth most popular person on Google+ with 1,182,318 followers. Now I understand why the majority of the users are single.

Here’s the short version, click the graphic to see it in all of it’s glory.

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  • Great infographic. :]
    +1 and pinning on my Pinterest board with infographics…

  • Tim Killian

    Interesting post…if students dominate Google+ users at this point then how long will it be before the occupational users balances out. Only a matter of time before these students enter the working world. #NewhouseSM4

  • Amazing stats! still not big enough in Australia . . . facebook remains quite strong.

    Not sure what will happen after they introduce the timeline, there is a bit of controversy.

  • Given that the number one occupation is Student and that most users are single, it’s definitely a younger audience using Google+. Facebook is now mainstream and maybe it’s starting to be viewed as your parents social network. This younger audience could be great for the future of Google+.

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