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It’s February. Love is in the air and the chocolates are piling up in the stores. Valentine’s Day is less than a week away but folks are still planning on how they’ll honor their partners without going over budget.

A new survey from PriceGrabber shows that 68% of shoppers will spend under $100 on Valentine’s Day, most spending between $25 and $50. For most shoppers, this is about the same as last year.

4% of loved ones are going to be in for a shock when their partner comes home empty handed.

In addition to buying for their spouse, 36% of shoppers said they’ll be buying for other relatives, including their kids. Only 17% said they’d be forking out for the boyfriend or girlfriend. What’s up with that?

How Do I Love Thee?

35% thought a greeting card would best express their thoughts of love. 32% are preparing for a romantic evening out. Candy beat out flowers 19% to 17% and 11% said they planned to buy clothing. Brave souls.

Only 9% planned to wrap up jewelry this Valentine’s Day. A number much lower than I expected. Not that jewelers are crying over it, since it takes 500 greeting card sales to equal one diamond bracelet.

The majority of shoppers said they would be done buying a week before the holiday, but 22% are still open to suggestions.  Brick-and-mortar stores have a better chance of getting that dollar at this point, but onliners aren’t out yet. A whopping 42% of shoppers said they’d be watching the daily deal sites for a gift idea. And what a great way to get more for their money.

If you’re marketing to the Valentine’s Day crowd, hone in on those last minute men who have had the Super Bowl on their mind. Push low priced gift items with overnight shipping. (They’ll pay rather than get caught out, I promise.)

Digital items also make the perfect last minute gift, be it romantic ebooks, The Best of Barry White mp3 or a gift certificate for spa services. All your customers need is a nudge, so get those Valentine’s Day emails out, set up a holiday page on your website and tell your customers what their loved ones would love to have on February 14th.