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Let me repeat that headline. In 2012, 1 out of every 5 people in the world will logon to a social network at least once a month.

Incredible, isn’t it? eMarketer says those 1.43 billion social network users represent an increase of 19.2% over last year. Think that’s something? By 2014, they say it will be 1 in 4.

And for the people who believe that Facebook is part of an alien plot to take over the world, here’s a look at their success stories.

The good old U.S. of A is way out in front, but since almost everyone in America already has a Facebook account, other countries have a chance of catching up. Check out India with nearly 50% of the US number. And Brazil with their 45.4 million Facebook users.

What’s more interesting are the countries that didn’t make the top five. Where’s the UK? China? Russia? Are they too smart to fall for Facebook’s evil plan or is Facebook simply waiting for the right time to invade?

At the rate we’re going, it seems that social media will one day consume the world. At that point, we’ll all quit our jobs and stay home posting updates and playing games while our entire civilization crumbles around us.

Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll tire of all this sharing and find a new way to spend our free time?

What do you think? Is social media here to stay or could it fade away as quickly as it came?

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  • This is interesting, I have not been expecting social users more than 1 billion, since Facebook did not top 1 billion. Oh my god, we are becoming faster to being completely social world.!

  • I don’t think social media will fade, but I do think it will evolve. Think how much it has changed just in the last few years. What was a way for college kids to share their class schedules has become a one-stop-shop cultural phenomenon. As social media expands to more countries and users, I bet it will change even more.