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The good news is, total advertising expenditures rose in 2011. The bad news is that the rise was only 0.8% and the internet didn’t make out all that well.

The numbers come from Kantar Media’s final 2011 report and it could be worse, right?

Looking at the Internet section, you can see that Q4 was a tough sell. Display still did okay for the year but paid search is down 2.8% over last year. Newspapers and magazines continued to take the hit in Q4 and in spite of a boost from their Spanish language options, ended the year down compared to 2010.

Ad Spending by Category

Automotive folks continue to be the biggest spenders with Retail coming in second. Insurance had the largest growth rate with Food and Candy and Telcom the only losers for the year.

Biggest internet spenders were IAC (,, iwon and dozens of other sites), Experian and General Motors. The top ten ad buyers combined, paid out $2,360.6 million for internet ads in 2011. That’s up 10% from 2010.

And check this out, two of my favorite online shopping destinations, Amazon and Ebay both cut ad spending this year. Maybe because they already have way more business than the rest of the internet world and thought they’d let someone else have a chance.

How are things where you are?