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First there was e-commerce, then Facebook or FB-commerce and now AdAge is predicting Tweet Commerce in the near future.

It truly is a wondrous world we live in.

As of this past December, Twitter’s biggest advertisers were able to customize their Twitter profile page, turning it into a brand page, thusly.

Pretty, but other than the ability to pin posts to the top and change the decor, it’s not that far away from everyone else’s profile page.

AdAge says that Twitter has big plans in the works, to expand brand pages into a full-featured content page. That means adding apps for contests, coupons and even. . . yes. . . e-commerce. You will be able to buy your next pair of Nike’s and then Tweet about the sweet deal without ever leaving the page.

I think that the concept of expanding Twitter brand pages is huge but there are a few issues. One, it doesn’t look like they’ll be available to anyone but big Twitter spenders. I suppose it could help push a fence sitter to go ahead and buy that Promoted Tweet package, but I think it would benefit Twitter across the board if they made it open to all businesses.

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The other side of this is that a large portion of people never go to Twitter to Tweet. They use HootSuite or TweetDeck, or apps on their phone. Would brand pages be seen? Would they encourage more people to visit Twitter? I’m not so sure.

In the end, Tweet Commerce is likely to end up like Facebook Commerce, with stores opening, then closing due to lack of interest. The whole point of Twitter is that it’s fast. It’s consumable in small chunks when you have two minutes to spare. How does that translate into shopping for a new pair of shoes?

I’m a big Twitter fan and I applaud their attempts to expand into something more than just a micro-blogging service. But Tweet Commerce is reaching.

What do you think?