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With studies showing that there are 100 million smartphones in the US alone it only makes sense that advertisers are seeing that they need to be where their customers are. According to research from Valueclick media advertisers (via eMarketer) are starting to shift more ad dollars to the mobile space as well as video. The chart below shows their findings from December of last year.

This should come as no surprise but with the immaturity of the mobile and video space there is a real risk of throwing good money after untested or simply bad choices. Marketers will need to show some serious discretion when it comes to advertising spend in these areas. Since the area is relatively new space in terms of online marketing. Innovations are happening rapidly and with that rapid growth comes a level of panic to “do the right thing”.

A word of caution. These kinds of conditions are a “perfect storm” of sorts. There is a fair amount of buzz around the mobile space that is coupled with an even greater sense insecurity by marketers because there is limited longer term data with which to make decisions. This is the advertising and marketing salesperson’s ideal conditions. It’s easy to sell anything using the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) trifecta when the conditions are right. The fear in this case is a marketer missing out on what is hot, the uncertainty being that if they are not there would they be called out by management even if the medium isn’t ideal for their vertical or industry and the doubt is whether it will work or not.

The salesperson’s approach is easy. They will pitch that markters need to be advertising with mobile and video because it is what everyone is doing and if you don’t you will put your job at risk. He or she can bring up those fears in their prospect very easily and make it sound as if they better do it, if for no other reason, to CYA (cover your “assests”). Having been in sales I can tell you that there are plenty of quota bounty hunters that will ride this horse until its legs fall off and marketers better be ready for some hard closing tactics.

So where are you in the process of advertising in the mobile and video space? Is it time for you or do you think it might be best to sit on the sidelines a little longer to see how this all develops? Let us know in the comments.

  • Great article, taking the time to make sure you are using a marketing platform for the best reason is always the greatest approach. Fear should never be the deciding factor although in many cases it is.