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Google continues to work on their plan to be more transparent and today’s (or actually yesterday’s) lesson comes in the detection of bad ads.

Adwords has a checkered past with collecting money from advertisers that are, quite simply, heartless. The legal side of the ledger is not what many of these “bad ad” types ever consider. It’s whether money lands in their bank account that is the only measure of success.

Google has paid a price steep price ($500 million) in the past for allowing illegal activities to be advertised in Adwords. That payment was arrived at by the Department of Justice. Not the folks you want to be dealing with as a legitimate business.

Now in a post called “Making our ads better for everyone” Google is showing some of what they do to minimize this impact.

The blog post goes into some detail as to what they do but the post is primarily a public relations piece. The type of bad ads we are talking about occur in the usual places like mortgages and gambling. Unless you are a legitimate business in these ad areas this kind of information, while interesting, can be seen as non-essential. It’s obvious that Google is putting as much “evidence” as possible out in public to “prove” it tells people about how it does business. It’s a smart move since they appear to headed for years upon years of federal probing or committees or something that their rivals have “convinced” (read lobbied which most likely means paid) Washington heavies to start against the online giant.

It’s how we do business in the US anymore. Government officials looking for publicity and a pay day listen to anyone who has a grievance and a checkbook. As a result, companies have to create fluff pieces to say they are transparent. These pieces are never seen by a vast majority of their users because they aren’t tech insiders nor do they care to be. It’s all an interesting song and dance that is played above the day to day playing field. Honestly, it already feels played out but that won’t stop it.

Does this information help you at all? When you see a video like this from Google or read the blog post do you get the warm fuzzies? Does it help your business? We would love to hear your opinion.

In the meantime, keep your Adwords efforts on the straight and narrow. You may end up as the subject of a Google video one day.

  • Good article. Also, Google will be combining social media with those algorithms pretty soon. So, Facebook fan pages will be more important than ever. They need to keep statements honest and straight forward in social media as well.

  • Impressive post, Nice move is being taken by Google. Google has become more smart. It is making changes in it’s search algorithm now and then. I like your post about “making your ads better for everyone”.