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Google+ is the Internet industry’s favorite whipping boy but that doesn’t mean that there are not those out there using it effectively and also promoting its use.

The infographic in this post was done by Chris Brogan and BlueGlass. As with anything relating to this topic, especially as it relates to Google+’s use for business, people like to squabble as to just how viable Google+ is as a platform beyond it being Robert Scoble’s personal playground. Personally, I think there will be enough of an audience and one that, due to its smaller user base, can more easily defined and developed. To think it is going to overtake Facebook is not the argument to chase. It’s more about what niche it will serve and if marketers can take advantage of it. Also, the integration into Google’s suite of products and services is still the search giant’s ultimate goal, in my opinion.

Take some time to comment as to whether you agree or disagree with the content of the infographic. There is a lot to digest for sure.

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  • You need to pay attention to Google+ from an SEO standpoint. Google+ data is integrated into the algorithm. In addition, Google+ pages rank prominently for brand searches. A page that is well optimized and attractive to target audience members is beneficial.

  • Agree with Nick, Google+ is likely to be important from an SEO point of view going forward. However, I am still doubtful about the levels of usership of Google+. “80% engage weekly” eh? What exactly are they defining as “engaging”? I have seen other reports which indicate a much lower level of Google+ usage, even in the US. Will continue to watch with interest! On a related note, nice infographic – but YU so loooooong?

  • You can certainly see more people and businesses using Google+.
    Although it still has got some catching up to do compared to the other giants like FB.
    Still it could be something worth looking at.