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It appears that Google may now be getting deeper into the business of helping SEO’s if a video posted yesterday to the Webmaster Central Blog is any indication. It’s not Matt Cutts this time either, it’s the new Google video SEO star, Maile Ohye developer programs tech lead. The following video points out 5 common mistakes and 6 ideas for effective SEO moving forward. The level of the video is set at beginner to intermediate.

What is interesting is this type of advice coming from data while one well known SEO, Wil Reynolds, had written over at the SEOmoz bemoaning the fact that despite SEO’s following Google’s pleas to do certain things to rank better the rewards often go to those who are avoiding the real work to get rankings.

…it’s that the “Good Guys” of SEO, the people who do the things like building great content and community are being made into two faced liars every day by Google. Every day we tell our clients to build good content and Google will reward them we know that it’s a white lie most times, because the other side of that coin is and ALSO build anchor text links so you can actually rank well, because community building is not enough of a factor yet.

Ouch. Google sets the bar for the beginner to intermediate SEO to generate and attract buzz while creating fresh and relevant content but a real world and very experienced practitioner of the SEO arts says that it’s not enough to be effective. Why does Google have this issue still today?

It’s nice that Google is taking this whole transparency thing seriously but being transparent and telling the complete truth may not always mean the same thing to the search giant and that’s too bad.

How do you feel about Google’s observations and recommendations from the video? Are they enough? Is Google really making “good guy” SEO worth your effort? We would love to hear your opinion.

  • I don’t understand why some of the most experienced SEOs still think you can’t outrank competitors without link building. Trust me, if you build your brand, build influence in community and simply are the best choice for some keyword, you’ll be number one no matter how many backlinks your competitors build.

  • Frank – you rightly point out that this video is designed for the “beginner to intermediate” level SEO. And certainly the steps pointed out in this video are very important, but somewhat basic. I would argue that Wil Reynolds is certainly beyond the “intermediate” SEO level and his experience dictates further action beyond the scope of what is covered in the video.

    We don’t know what’s up Google’s sleeve on this. I’m glad they’re being more open, but you and I can agree that this isn’t everything.

    I’m watching to see if there are further videos in this series. Perhaps they’ll let more of the cat out of the bag.

    • @Elmer – For sure, Wil Reynolds is one of the foremost authorities in the business and that’s why his recent post makes this even more interesting. No matter how experienced you are in any field you still need to do the basics and he argues that these basics, as outlined in this Google, make you look like you care to be an SEO Good Guy but you still get burned by some of the same grey hat – black hat stuff that has been going on for years.

      His plea was impassioned and something that Google should really listen to. Whether they do or not remains to be seen but until they do SEOs who are working to do the right thing and be “above board” will look like liars as he says. Sad but true.

      • Wil Reynolds post was very depressing. Have you thought perhaps the upcoming so called OVER-SEO update is going to address these issues? As pointed out by Rusty Brick.

        I personally know a black hat (I think we all do) who keeps bragging to me how white hat work, is a waste of he churns yet again another 1000 sites, from his programmer buddies from -insert country – . Claiming he is keeping his customers happy.. I don’t believe everything I hear, but I sometimes wonder myself. The obvious test would be if Wil Reynold revisits his complaint and see if the situation is better.

        I for one am going to operate on the assumption that eventually the loop holes will be sealed up, and the gamers will have to look for new tricks.


  • “being transparent and telling the complete truth may not always mean the same thing to the search giant”

    It’s a Google world and we just live in it. I doubt we are ever going to hear the whole truth from Google at one time. They keep a lot of things close to their heart and let it out in snippets at a time, leaving us to puzzle everything together.

  • I think this is more of “foundational starting point” advice from Google. Sure, there’s lots of other factors to get ranked especially with localization, personalization, mobile, etc…but the tips that Maile closes with are all very accurate and should be followed.

    With any website, you have to start somewhere…Google is just telling people the proper (according to them) place to start.

  • In simple words rather concentration on SEO, we have to make sure about quality and original content, which user are looking for,
    Thanks for the tips

  • I thing that quality contents as well as quality link building to be the factor is getting an edge in SEO.

  • I think The Whole Seo of your website is the IDEA, and Content Quality, If your content worth and your services worth to customer they definitely.

  • developer programs tech lead. The following video points out 5 common mistakes and 6 ideas for effective SEO moving forward. The level of the video is set at beginner to intermediate.

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