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There is a lot of talk about Google and privacy. The new privacy policy which has taken some 60 different policies and put them into one policy that addresses privacy across Google’s ever expanding universe of products and service. In this attempt to simplify things Google has created the usual turmoil that accompanies any discussion of online privacy.

To their credit they have also created a fair amount of material about this matter that is available to everyone who wants to examine it. In their announcement of making their “universal” privacy policy live yesterday there were a few links to places to manage privacy to some degree or another. That list led to more so here is gathering of these links for you to consider.

Google’s new privacy policy and older versions
Google advertising privacy FAQ
Google’s privacy principles
Turn off Google search history
Clear YouTube search history
Set ad preferences
Move data in and out of Google through their Data Liberation site
To search incognito in the Chrome browser
A comprehensive list of Google privacy tools
Videos about privacy
Overall privacy FAQ

It makes for interesting reading although it is a lot of information.

How likely is the general public to ever “darken the door” of any of these links? Not very likely. At least they are there and we can choose to learn as much as Google is offering publicly or we can complain.

It’s your choice.