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I talk a lot about my awful habit of publishing typos. I say this mainly to remind myself that I must think about it more seriously thus avoiding the embarrassment of being called out by readers. Typos don’t reflect well on a writer or a blog. It’s that simple.

Another area that is butchered in the online space, especially in social media, is grammar. While you may not think it is important in the larger scheme of things I would beg to differ. I see common grammatical errors every day and they make me cringe.

Apparently the folks at Copyblogger have had enough as well. They, along with the BlueGlass infographic team, have put together a helpful chart to help you avoid looking like you may be a bit under ed-u-ma-cated. Enjoy.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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  • Great post. I love #14 in particular. I see and hear “literally” misused all the time. It cracks me up!

  • Cheryl

    Hey! I’d LOVE to have this poster for my classroom. Is there any way to purchase it?
    My students would actually READ this!
    Thanks for the reminders.

  • I have told my interns many times to follow these guidelines, no one wants egg on their face.