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Miracle-Gro is the latest brand to add their logo to Zynga’s FarmVille and it’s probably the most natural tie-in we’ve ever seen (McDonalds?!?).

When you visit the Miracle-Gro farm, you’re prompted to visit their Facebook page. That action delivers a free, branded tomato plant and a bottle of Miracle-Gro Insta-Gro. It also makes you eligible for discounts and real-world rewards.

According to Zynga, 8 out of 10 FarmVille players enjoy actual gardening. Like the kind you do outdoors with real dirt and seeds. A very interesting stat and it makes me wonder about the people who enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto or Mafia Wars. But that’s another story.

The takeaway here could be about aligning your business with a popular, but related game or activity. But here’s the real take away. When you go to Miracle-Gro’s websitethere is a huge slider ad for the FarmVille promo. It has a button labels “Get Farming”. Click it and here’s where that happy, spring-oriented, gardening promo takes you:

Really. Cute Santa, but it doesn’t encourage me to keep on clicking, does it?

Today’s takeaway: check and double check all promo links. If you’re linking out to an affiliate or any third-party location, make sure you’re using a promo-specific link so you don’t end up with homepage conflicts like this.

Have a great weekend and Merry Gardening everyone.