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OK, I admit it. I have not paid attention to LinkedIn like I should. I take full responsibility for this because of the nagging fact that I have a life outside of social media so this one is on me. As part of the first million to join the network I have shirked my duties that I share with that small and very intimate group of 1 million other LinkedInners. Please forgive me.

That is until recently. In all seriousness I, like I suspect many others, have underplayed the value of LinkedIn because of the time sucks called Twitter and Facebook where there is more immediate interaction. That doesn’t mean those are necessarily good and I have learned my lesson. I am coming to my senses though.

To aid in social renaissance, LinkedIn has now even made it easier for a social media slacker like myself to beef up my connections with their new and improved “People You May Know Feature. The video from the LinkedIn blog gives a brief explanation for you.

I have seen some reactions where people are bemoaning the fact that LinkedIn is becoming more graphically appealing which takes away from its original minimalist charm. I get that to some degree but for someone like myself it makes the experience better because I have grown accustomed to the Facebook world of pretty pictures and thumbnails. Now with Pinterest becoming the latest social media darling we may never even need to use words again! Neato cool!

Of all the social network options that are available LinkedIn truly stands alone in the unique audience and context it provides for business folks. As I find myself spending less time on Twitter and Facebook (I think I am experiencing early onset burnout) the more I am heading toward LinkedIn. Maybe that’s why the company has done well as a publicly traded business. It’s an actual business that delivers an actual service. How unoriginal of them.