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It’s not a well known fact, but there are indeed men who shop with phones. . . and laptops. . . and tablets.

Hidden before now, eMarketer has shined the light on them and I’m here to say, be not afraid. We, the shopping women of America, welcome you.

The tip comes from a survey by Men’s Health magazine, which kind of tells you a little about the respondents right there.

What they discovered is that men go online to check for best prices and seek out reviews in all categories, not just the manly ones.

A smaller segment also like brand pages on Facebook, tell their friends about their favorite products and post shopping-related comments on forums. The only thing missing from this list is how many of them use coupons when buying. Not many, I’d guess.

When it comes to in-store shopping, more men than women (but only by a slim margin) use their mobile phones to look up product reviews. They also nearly match women when it comes to calling a friend for purchase advice.  (Hey, buddy, I’m torn between the blue turtleneck and the green Henley. What do you think?)

For marketers, this means taking another look at the content you have out there. Are you including men in your pitches or is your marketing on the feminine side?

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