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It was a good year for mobile marketing, maybe the first where marketers of every size felt comfortable taking a run at it.

Millennial Media, the SMART report folks, have put together their year in review and it’s chock full of information about where we’ve been.

It begins with a true vertical explosion. Triple-digit growth in mobile ad spend.

Not surprisingly, technology is leading the way as the biggest spender in the mobile market. I would have thought Retail would be next, but Finance is going after all those busy people who live with a phone in their hands. Finance is actually the top global advertiser when ranked by spend.

Health is a newcomer to the top of the chart. The report says that fitness companies made the most of those weight loss resolutions and bikini season. Wellness companies also used the seasonal changes to help people deal with allergies and the flu.

More than half of all mobile campaigns sent users to a mobile website in 2011 but apps are coming on strong.

Games took the number one spot for most impressions, away from Social Networking apps, knocking them down to third place.

Music and Entertainment, which was third, popped up to second. The proliferation of TV Everywhere apps likely helped them climb up one spot.

Communication, News, Sports and Weather landed on the chart in that order.


Millennial Media identified three trends as being the most influential for mobile marketers in 2011.

First is local marketing. More advertisers used the smartphone’s ability to geo-locate in order to served tightly targeted ads. These ads were designed to drive traffic into local retailers to buy a product or to the cafe on the corner for lunch.

Second, mobile video. A new generation of smartphones and tablets have made it easy for the user to stream video of all kinds. Studios released mobile trailers to promote their films and brands used video to show people how to use their products.

Third is mass market reach. Kind of funny, since the first trend is all about getting small. Here we have the concept of driving traffic with social media campaigns that people want to share and videos that go viral. Mobile combined with social allowed advertisers to reach millions while they watched the Superbowl and the Oscars.

In 2012, they’ll be taking what they learned there, to deliver even more of a punch when Olympic fever takes hold of the world.

Overall, it was a good year for mobile advertising and we expect more of the same in 2012. More video, more social media integration, more apps and more consumers than ever turning to their phones and tablets instead of their computers when they want information.

To read the full 2011 Year in Review SMART report, visit Millennial Media and download the PDF for free.