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You know those Facebook ads that say how many of your friends like the product (or is it the ad they liked. . . )? Turns out, they work.

Nielsen dissected the results from 79 Facebook campaigns and the graphic shows you what they found.

People who saw social ads had 55% greater recall than those who saw regular display ads.

And suddenly I feel like I’m in a fifties toothpaste commercial — 55% fewer cavities with Crest!

Joking aside, that’s a nice lift, much better than I would have thought. Of course, Nielsen warns that your mileage might vary but they’re pretty confident in their results.

This confidence comes from a prior survey where 76% of US internet users said their most trusted recommendations came from people they knew. 49% said they trusted consumer opinions they found online. We know that trust plays a big part in successful advertising, so put it together and it’s easy to see why social ads work.

Do you have experience with social ads versus non-social ads? We’d like to hear if you’ve had more success with one than the other.

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  • I think social Ads do give that trust factor which, in an internet which is becoming more and more stuffed with Ads is a crucial factor. Was there a varied genre of Ad topics displayed in your research?